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Warriors by Erin Hunter

Warriors is a series of books telling about warrior cats who live in clans and fight with each other. This post will review the first book in the series, Into the Wild.

A normal house-cat named Rusty joins Thunder Clan and may be the bravest warrior of all. He takes the name Firepaw and he and his friends, Graypaw and Ravenpaw, go to Moonstone with Bluestar, the leader of Thunder Clan.

On their way back, they face many big rats and meet an old friend named Barley. They find out that Tigerclaw, the deputy of Thunderclan, murdered one of the previous deputies, Redtail … or did he?

When Frostfur’s kits got stolen and Spottedleaf was murdered, was it Blackfoot or Yellowfang who was responsible?

Ravenpaw travels to Barley for his safety, because some of the clan thinks he went to Shadowclan and told him the clan was unguarded… Did he tell Shadowclan or not?

There are a lot of cool mysteries to solve in “Warriors: Into the Wild.” I think it is a very good book and I’m reading book 2, Warriors: Fire and Ice right now!

The Warrior series is written by Erin Hunter. There are about 25 chapters in each book.

Age 8

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