The eight thumbs of this blog belong to four siblings in a homeschooling family, two girls (oldest and youngest) and two boys (in the middle). They write reviews, reports, and essays on books, movies, tv shows, games, software, and whatever else strikes their fancy, as part of a writing project brilliantly conceived by their mother, Big Thumb, who is writing this About page.

In order of appearance, the 8 thumbs belong to these pseudonyms:

Nova (15, 9th grade). Future graphic designer & book illustrator. Practices her craft a minimum of 6 hours every day.

Retlock, gamer (13, 7th grade). Wants to be a chiropractor. Dangerous with a butter knife; mostly to himself.

Kyro, gamer (9, 3rd grade). Wants to be a video game tester or demolition expert. Has a good head start on both.

Minky, princess (7, 1st grade). Wants to be the first woman on Pluto. In pink.

The vote on the name of this blog came dangerously close to “Opinionators: The Rise of the Homeschoolers,” but we decided that as a review site, “8 Thumbs Up” was a more properly descriptive name.


3 responses to “8Thumbs

  1. Fabulous! Looking forward to your reviews. Homeschoolers rock!

  2. You are off to a great start on your blog. I really LOVE the name Eight Thumbs Up. I’ll be looking forward to more reviews from you in the future.

  3. Opal Paden

    Congratulations on selecting such a unique name! Can’t wait to follow your blog!

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