Warriors by Erin Hunter

Warriors is a series of books telling about warrior cats who live in clans and fight with each other. This post will review the first book in the series, Into the Wild.

A normal house-cat named Rusty joins Thunder Clan and may be the bravest warrior of all. He takes the name Firepaw and he and his friends, Graypaw and Ravenpaw, go to Moonstone with Bluestar, the leader of Thunder Clan.

On their way back, they face many big rats and meet an old friend named Barley. They find out that Tigerclaw, the deputy of Thunderclan, murdered one of the previous deputies, Redtail … or did he?

When Frostfur’s kits got stolen and Spottedleaf was murdered, was it Blackfoot or Yellowfang who was responsible?

Ravenpaw travels to Barley for his safety, because some of the clan thinks he went to Shadowclan and told him the clan was unguarded… Did he tell Shadowclan or not?

There are a lot of cool mysteries to solve in “Warriors: Into the Wild.” I think it is a very good book and I’m reading book 2, Warriors: Fire and Ice right now!

The Warrior series is written by Erin Hunter. There are about 25 chapters in each book.

Age 8

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Super Smash Bros Brawl

super smash brosSuper Smash Bros Brawl is a fighting game where many characters from various games collide. It is made for the Wii and pre-dated by Super Smash Bros Melee for the GameCube, and before that, the original Super Smash Bros for the N64.

SSBB has the main characters from many popular series. For instance, you can battle as Mario or Luigi, or as Fox, or as Kirby, or as any of the many other main characters. In my opinion, SSBB is one of the best multiplayer games, and is great for parties, sleepovers, or just play dates.

SSBB has various modes to play in. There is the regular fighting mode, or you can dive into the story by playing “Sub Space Emissary,” or you can try the various challenge modes like “Target Smash” or “Home-Run Contest,” or you can play Wi-Fi and battle people across the world.

Not only are the games high-quality and challenging, pitting your favorite characters against each other is really cool. Once again I say it is one of the best multiplayer games out there.

Age 13

See Super Smash Bros. Brawl at Amazon.com

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Kirby Air Ride for GameCube

Kirby Air Ride is a racing game that was made in 2003 for the GameCube. It is old I admit, but I was intrigued by a Kirby racing game, so I decided to check it out. It is now one of my favorite games ever! It is fast-paced and exciting fun and very challenging to complete.

Kirby Air Ride has three modes of gameplay: Air Ride, Top Ride, and City Trial. All of these modes have a list of achievements, unique differences, and sub modes.

Air Ride mode is a basic racing mode, except you only start with one car which is the Warp Star. Thankfully, most of the other cars are easy to unlock, but a few others are insanely hard to unlock. It has two sub-modes which are Free Run and Time Attack. In Free Run you have no enemies to obstruct you, so you can go for as long and far as you want until you quit. Time Attack is a mode to see how fast you can complete three laps.

Top Ride mode is a racing mode, but instead of playing at the regular view it is played at a bird’s eye view with shorter tracks. Top Ride has no unlockable cars; instead you have only the free star and the turn star. Its two sub-modes are also Time Attack and Free Run.

City Trial is a mode where you have no choice of car in the beginning. Instead you always start on the compact star, in a city where you gather power-ups and find new cars in order to win in the mini game that comes after time runs out. You also can thwart your enemies by attacking them and gathering the power-ups that they drop. It also has two sub-modes: Free Run and Stadium. In Stadium you can freely play any mini game that you have played in City Trial.

Buy this game! I’ll bet you enjoy it as much as I do.

Age 13

Kirby Air Ride

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Princess Mononoke – Japanese Anime

Princess Mononoke is a brilliant fantasy anime film about a man named Ashitaka, who comes from a small, dying village. The forest is dying because of humans, and a demon comes in a fury to try to kill Ashitaka’s village. He kills the beast, but in the process it touches his arm and he becomes cursed, and it will soon kill him. The village elder tells him to go and find the Forest Spirit, who may be able to lift his curse.

On the way Ashitaka meets Lady Eboshi, who runs Iron Town, which mines the ground in the forest to make iron. He learns that Iron Town was responsible for turning a god of the forest into the demon that cursed Ashitaka; they continue to chop down the forest and anger the other forest gods. Ashitaka has to stop Lady Eboshi from killing the forest spirit, and he also has to stop San (Princess Mononoke), the girl raised by wolves who is trying to protect the forest, from killing all the humans and getting herself killed in the process.

Hayao Miyazaki is the best Japanese anime artist and director there is, and Princess Mononoke is one of his very best anime movies, filled with lots of action and romance. Fighting demons is just the beginning! This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have lost count of the times I have watched it. And it’s not just me – Roger Ebert included it on his list of the best movies of 1999 – not the best animated movies, the best of ALL movies!

Recommended age: 12 and up for fantasy violence and gore and disturbing imagery.

Voice acting by: Billy Crudup (Ashitaka); Claire Danes (San/Princess Mononoke); Minnie Driver (Eboshi); Billy Bob Thornton (Jigo); Gillian Anderson (Moro The Wolf); Jada Pinkett-Smith (Toki).

Age 15

Roger Ebert’s TWO THUMBS UP review of Princess Mononoke: READ NOW
See Princess Mononoke on DVD

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Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is a portable game station. It’s predated by the Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo Gameboy Advance, and has various models.

The DS is the first of all of the DS systems. It’s very bulky and rough. I have not played it myself, but my some of my friends own the DS, and it is very durable. On of my friends dropped his DS out of a moving car and it still works. The DS can play the older Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games.

The DS Lite is the second model of the DS. It is less durable but smaller, smoother, and easier to carry around. It can also play Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games. I used to own one but it broke when someone bumped into me and I dropped it.

The DSi is the third model of DS and the one that I currently own. It is sleeker and even more portable than the past models. It has some cool features that the older models did not have. For instance, it can access the internet and has a flip book function and more fun things; however, the DSi cannot play Gameboy or Gameboy Advance games.

The DSi XL is the latest model of the DS and is basically the same as the DSi except that it is much larger and more durable. I am not sure if it has any additional functions because I have not used one and none of my friends have either.

The 3DS is the future model of DS which is scheduled to be released on March 27, 2011. It will have 3D graphics without the use of glasses, as well as a joy-stick.

I know what I’m putting on my wish list!

Preorder your DS3 today!

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Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Fablehaven is a fantasy story about Seth and Kendra, who go to visit their grandma and grandpa for the summer, but their grandma seems to be missing. It takes them a long time to figure it out, but they finally discover that Fablehaven is really a home for fairies and other magical creatures and their grandfather is the caretaker!

Seth spent almost the whole summer trying to catch a fairy, but when he finally caught one, he kept it overnight and the fairies took their revenge. I’m not going to tell you how, just read the book if you want to know. But Kendra makes friends with the fairies and visits the shrine of the Fairy Queen to get help when it looks like the bad guys are going to win. Some people are trying to release a demon who has been bound for millennia and things go crazy. Seth and Kendra finally figure out why their grandma has been missing and that’s part of the big adventure of the book.

I loved this book! Everybody should read it. If you like adventure and fantasy, then read this book! There are five books in the Fablehaven series and I’m reading number three right now.

Fablehaven Box Set, all five books in slipcover case

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Daniel Boone (History Maker Bios)

Daniel Boone is part of a series called History Maker Bios. It’s a biography about a frontiersman who fought Indians and is famous to this day. I didn’t know anything about Daniel Boone before I read it. Now I know he saved two girls from being captured by the native Americans and did other cool stuff. He was a really good hunter and sold the fur from the animals he killed. His wife was named Rebecca. I like Daniel Boone because it’s a good, entertaining story. I’m glad I read it because now I know about Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone (History Maker Bios)

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Roblox is a free online game. It is so awesome. You can make your own games or play the games other people made up. On Roblox you can buy hats, faces, t-shirts, shirts, pants, gear, and even different heads with the tickets you get each day, and you can trade tickets for robux to spend. You can make a lot of places and you can name them all, and you can look at the most popular games. I love it! You can play Roblox right HERE!

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